HyplexMC Network

Server IP:

Our Games

Here at HyplexMC Network we work to bring you the best content we can to ensure you have the best experience. We currently offer a Whitelisted SMP and Hyplex Havoc, with more to come in the future.


How to Play

Read Rules

It is very important to us that all players read the rules, as this helps to create a smooth experience and so the staff are not bombarded with questions on how things work, as well so players dont get banned for breaking rules they didn't know about. 

Join Our Discord

To sync your in-game role to Discord you need to connect your account, simply type in chat on the server /discord link and then follow the on screen instructions.

Join the Server

To connect to our server simply launch minecraft and head to the "Multiplayer" screen and select "Add Server" and enter our IP "hyplexmc.mcnetwork.me" and press join!