About Us

Here at HyplexMC Network we are about creating a community, and having as much fun as possible

Our Goal

We created this Minecraft Server to form a friendly community. We are not in it for the money. We play Minecraft legitimately and assist our friends to improve at the game and in real life as a person. A good form of communication is a must to ensure that nobody is left out and everyone is in touch of each other and knows what is going on, on the server. Our goal is to help people form healthy relationships with others despite the distance that the screen creates. In addition, we provide a variety of fun for our members, give them space to express themselves without being judged, and overall a chill and relaxing server to be in.

What We Offer

- Friendly and professional staff
- Great form of communication (Discord)
- Friendly community
- Legitimate, hard survival world
- Mob/Player Heads
- Multiplayer Sleep
- Shulkers drop 2 shells 100%
- Community projects, activities, and events

Server Values

- Respect
- Show maturity among other people
- Be polite to one another
- Have friendly conversations
- Help each other out
- Be socially appropriate
- Respect other people's belongings and builds
- Honesty
- Play legitimately
- Ask before you borrow or use something

Who We Look For

- Dedicate a decent amount of time playing in the server,
play legitimately and follow the rules to the best of their ability.
- People who enjoy trading with others!
- Accomplish personal projects and contribute to community established ones.
- Participate in community events and activities (not always mandated).
- Interact with other people in a mature way.
- Have fun, interesting, and appropriate conversations.
- Use Discord as a way of communicating with other players (Mandatory to have as it is required for linking).