This is the HyplexMC Network Guide, here you can find everything you need to know about the TitanSMP server and how things work on the server

How to Get Verified

In order to join the server you must be Verified on our Discord Server. Once you have joined our Discord all you have to do go to the #how-to-join channel in the Discord, from there you will read this paragraph "To gain access to the full Discord Server we ask that you head over and read the #discord-rules, once finished you will need to spell out "DONE", with the reactions." Once you have finished that your will receive the "Verified" Role in Discord.

Linking Your Account

Once you have Verified yourself on the Discord server you will need to link your Minecraft account to your Discord account. To do so is fairly easy and only requires a few things from you and the system will do the rest. 

First you will need to be Verified, to do this read above ^, once you are verified attempt to join the server, you’ll get a message telling you to link your account with a 4-digit code. Send this 4-digit code in a Direct/Private Message to the Discord bot named “Survival”. Once you’ve sent the 4-digit code to the bot, the bot will tell you “Your Discord account has been linked to *in game name*”. If you have any issues trying to link your account please let us know in the Discord #player-support channel and we will gladly help you out.
Do not try to message a Staff Member or ping them in a chat. 


On our server we have many different districts, all with a unique theme - similar to Hermitcraft.  When you first join the server you will spawn in the server Lobby where there will be some NPC's, once you enter the Survival Spawn you will see 8 buildings which each represent a District. You’re not limited to building in only one district, however be sure to follow the District rules.

To return to the Survival Spawn you must go back to the mini spawn that you came through from the main Spawn and re-enter the portal to go back. (look for particles, they indicate the portal)


You don't have to build in a district if you don't want to, districts were created to have similar style builds in one area and to create small communities helping each other out. If you choose to build in a district, you must build in the theme of that district. For example, if you want to build in the desert of the Egyptian District, you must build in the Egyptian style.

Shopping & Gaming District

The Shopping District is where people from all districts can gather to exchange goods and services. Players can only build TWO shops each, on a max plot size of 25 by 25 blocks. You can combine your two plots and create ONE large shop at the max plot size of 25 by 50 blocks. Each shop must have its own unique theme. If your shop does not meet our standards it will be closed by a Admin until it is fixed. We are highly strict on our rules in the SD so please do go read them so you are aware.

*For help please create a ticket in #player-support on Discord*

How To Claim Land

Unfortunately, theft happens from time to time on servers so we must prepare to fight against it. Claiming your land or chests is not a requirement, it is only there if you wish to use it. Staff are able to see who removes items from chests but it is still important to claim your belongings. This includes chests, shulkers, or general access to your builds. If you notice that something has been stolen or destroyed by another player please DO NOT touch, break or place any blocks or open any chest(s) or shulker boxes and report it to a Admin immediately by creating a ticket in #player-support on Discord. To claim a plot of land, type /claim in chat to activate claim mode. Claim mode then tells you exactly how many blocks you can claim. To claim, simply right click a block, then walk to the opposite corner of the land you want to claim and right click a block again to create a square. Once you are done making your claims type /claim in chat once again to turn off claim mode.

To delete a claim, type /deleteclaim and press confirm in the chat. To allow another player to access your claims, for instance open chests, place blocks etc. do /trust playernamehere. To set a welcome message for when people enter your claimed area, type /claimgreeting <welcomemessagehere>. To delete your claim greeting, type /claimgreeting clear. To set a farewell message, type /claimfarewell <farewellmessage>. To clear this message, type /claimfarewell clear.

To learn even more about the claim system, visit the wiki!
Note: some commands have been disabled.

Why Can't I Teleport

Teleportation is against the spirit of Vanilla Minecraft. Make sure you sleep in a bed to set your spawn location if you die. We don’t have warps, but we do have “/home”. Each Player and Member gets to set 2 homes. To set your home all you have to do is stand where you want your home to be and type “/sethome <name>” in chat. The name can be whatever you want it to be. To return to your home type  “/home” and it will teleport you back to your home. If you have more than 1 home set, when you type “/home” it will show a GUI (menu) where you can select which home you want to teleport to. Within this menu you can also delete a sethome. If you have any issues please create a ticket in #player-support in Discord.


Voting for our server is a way to show us you care, plus you receive a reward for doing so! Whenever you vote, you boost our server on Planet Minecraft and it shows people that our server is the one to choose. You may only vote once per 24 hours, after 24 hours you can vote again. You do not have to be on the server to vote. If you vote while offline, your reward will be given once you return to the server again. To redeem your reward take the Vote Key (received when you vote) you received to the Vote Chest in Spawn. Voting is absolutely free and the best way for players to help support the server without paying or donating. If you wish Donate we do offer special Perks and rewards for doing do.

Click Here to Donate
Click Here to Vote

Server Ranks

Here on HyplexMC we strive to not be a pay to win server, now running a Network is not cheap so we must have some sort of Donating System in place. When you join the server you will be ranked as “Player”. After reaching 3 days of playtime, (AFK time not included) you’ll automatically receive the “Member” rank. To check your progress on achieving the Member rank, simply type “/rankup” in chat. This command will show you your playtime in minutes against how much playtime you need to receive the Member rank. To those who wish to support HyplexMC we do have other ranks which give you special perks or cosmetics, you can find these and a full list on our Patreon Page.

AFK Timeout

After 2 hours of non interrupted AFK you will automatically be kicked from the server for being idle too long. Our reasoning behind this is #1 to decrease the lag on the server, when players afk at a farm for so long it can start to cause lag and if other players are online trying to enjoy the server I am sure they don't want to experience lag. Just because you were kicked for being idle too long doesn't mean you have to stop afking at your farm you will just have to simply log back on and continue your farming secession. This AFK Timeout is only a deterrence to players to not excessively afk.

Report System

Is someone cheating/hacking or are they not following the Server Rules? Help out the Staff if you see someone not doing what they are supposed to be doing and report them. To report a player head to the #player-support channel in our Discord and create a ticket.

Thanks For Reading

Congratulations! you now know everything you need to know about the server and are ready to start your adventure on HyplexMC Network, if you ever forget anything or need to reference back, this page will always be here for you. Please note that we would like EVERY player to read this guide so if a new player asks a question please tell them to read the Guide and the Rules.
Thank You.