Hyplex Havoc Guide

This is the Hyplex Havoc Guide,

here you can find everything you need to know

about the Arenas and how things work.


Once you spawn into the server lobby and click on the Hyplex Havoc NPC it will direct you to the HH (hyplex havoc) spawn, from here is where you will be able to navigate through out the game to enter different parts of the game, including places like the Arenas, your island, etc.

Hyplex Havoc is a combination of Survival and PvP combat. You will need to traverse the wilderness to collect resources and items which you can take with you to your island and craft the mightiest of weapons or items. You can then take your Weapons and items and head back to spawn and enter the first Arena.

If you complete an Arena and survive all stages in that Arena you will earn Crown(s), as well as unlock the next arena. If you loose all three lives and don't complete the Arena you get NOTHING...

To unlock the next Arena you MUST complete the Arena prior to it, each Arena will progressively get harder but you get more Crown(s) then the last.

Located in spawn you can find different stations, some are for crafting like the Shady Merchant where you can go to craft items / consumables / weapons / armor and more.

At the end of each month the top 2 (players) with the most Crowns will go head to head in a fight to rightfully claim the top. The winner will be rewarded with exclusive perks and a special "The King" rank and have a custom nametag above their player head, as well as be displayed on The Throne at spawn for the entire month, once the month nears its end a new King will be chosen.

Getting Started

Once you join the server you will start out with some basic armor and a bit of food. The first thing you are going to want to do is create your island. To create an island all you have to do is type in chat /is create. Be wise as to what biome you pick! Once your island is fully generated, type in chat /home, this will send you to your island. You can always go back to your island from anywhere in the server except while in a arena.

Now that you have a home the next thing you will need is to prepare and craft your gear and armor to prepare for your first arena fight. To view the crafting recipes for items you will need to visit the Shady Merchant. The Shady Merchant can be found at Spawn, to head back to spawn type in chat /spawn. Once you have an idea of what you need, you will need to go and collect your items from the Wilderness, to get to the Wilderness you will need to head back to your island. Once you are back at your island all you have to do is simply walk off the edge of your island and fall into the void. Now that you have made it to the Wilderness, this is where you can collect your resources to craft your items, weapons, gear, armor, and so on.

DO NOT SETUP BASE IN THE WILDERNESS, use your island for setting up base and keeping your items safe. The wilderness will reset often and it will delete your items with it.

Now that you are all geared up and ready to fight you can go back to spawn and go to the first NPC named "The Farm". Once clicked on this will send you to the Arena Lobby where you can prepare and get ready to begin your fight. Once you or your team is ready simply click on the sign on the hologram "The_Farm" to launch the Arena, once launched you or your team will have 60 sec to click on the sign and join the Arena to fight. If you ever need to leave an arena simply kill your self of type in chat /hh leave

Home Island

Once you join the server the first thing you want to do is create your island so you have a home, to create your island simply type in chat /is create. Once your island is finished generating type in chat /home to return to your island. You can always return back to your island from anywhere in the server besides inside an Arena.

Your Island is your home base and where you will keep all your items and resources. Your island can also be shared, you can trust your friends with /trust <player>. This will allow said player to have access to things on your island (open chests etc.) /untrust <player> to remove. To visit another players island use /visit to open a GUI or /visit <player> for a specific player. /homes to view all islands.

To set your island spawn aka landing point type in chat /island setspawn. To name your island type /island name <name>, this will allow players to visit your island aka make public or /island unname to return it to private. To transfer ownership of your island to another player type in chat /island give <player>



If you ever want to erase your island and recreate a new island type in chat /island recreate. This is helpful if you do not like the biome that you chose when first creating your island.


Once you are ready to go and start your first attempt at the arenas you might need to know a little bit about how they work, to start off you get 3 lives to start out with and once you loose your last life you will be removed from the arena and you lose. In each arena there are 5 Phases, and each phase gets progressively harder to complete. The next phase will not begin until ALL the mobs from the previous phase have been killed.

Each Arena lasts for 20min. If you do not complete all 5 Phases within the 20min. mark you lose the arena.

If you complete a phase you will receive 25 Nuggets, and if you complete the Arena you will receive 50 Nuggets.
Nuggets is the currency of HH, and can be used to buy things in the Auction House or can be traded with other players.

To visit the AH simply find the Auction House in Spawn and to Trade with other players simply Shift+Right Click them or type in chat /trade <player>.

If you complete an Arena (finish all 5 phases) you will earn Crown(s). If you are playing the Arena as a group/team you will all individually receive the same amount of Crown(s), aka the reward will not be split. We highly encourage to play with others. at the end of the month the top 2 players with the most Crowns will have a chance to compete head to head for the Throne.


When in the wilderness, you are playing pure vanilla minecraft, if you die, you die. You will have to go and retrieve your items.

Be aware that the Wilderness resets daily at 12am CST, when the wilderness resets you will be teleported back to Spawn.

When you are in the wilderness and you decide you need to go back to your home island or back to spawn, when you jump off your island to go back to the wilderness it will put you back in your last position you where at right before you left to your home or spawn. If you are in the end or nether it will only teleport you back to your last location in the overworld. If you leave the server your last location will be removed and on next re-entry to the wilderness it will put you back at the main wilderness spawn.

LiveKit World Map

1 | First you will need to download the LiveKit App
Click Here for Android
Click Here for IOS

2 | Now that you have the app installed you will need to connect to the minecraft server, to do so open minecraft and join the server with the ip hyplexmc.mcnetwork.me, then you will need to click on the Hyplex Havoc NPC.

3 | Now that you are connected to the server you will need to open up the LiveKit app and type in hyplexhavoc.mcserv.me and press "Connect".

4 | You should now see a place to enter a 6 digit code on the app. Now you will need to go back to the server and type in chat /livekit claim to get the code. Now enter the 6 digit code into the LiveKit app and it will automatically connect you.

Congrats you are now connected to HyplexMC using the LiveKit app, hop around and explore the server and view the many features of the app.