Survival Rules

*violation of any rule can and will result in a kick, ip-ban, or perm ban. If there are any questions please create a ticket in #player-support in Discord*
*Remember... If the upper staff  or community council finds that you're not a good fit for our community then you will be swiftly removed.*

Treat Everyone With Respect

  • Be inclusive of all community members. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. 

  • Discord pfp (player profile picture) and statuses must remain PG13, if not removed/changed after warning you will be kicked from the discord and removed from the whitelist.

  • Drama, toxicity, politics and religion in chat are NOT allowed.

  • Do NOT be a creep or try to be edgy. Keep it PG13.

  • Discrimination is considered to be unjust treatment of people based on their attributes. This includes racism, sexism or xenophobism

  • Mental and physical illnesses are included in this rule. Quoting memes which violate this rule is punishable.

  • Suicide jokes about yourself or other players is unacceptable.

  • Moderate swearing is allowed. This does NOT include slurs or misrepresentation of words that are normally allowed.

Griefing And Stealing Is Forbidden

  • Do NOT modify a build that does not belong to you.

  • Do NOT take any items from a chest, build, furnace, shulker, etc that is not yours, or that you do not have permission for. Unless the chest clearly says “Free items” or “community chest” etc then don’t take from it.

  • Do NOT defraud or mislead other players for your own benefit.

Hacking, Glitching, and Duping Is Forbidden

  • Do NOT dupe any item (tnt duping is the only exception to this rule)
    - Do NOT use any exploits (breaking bedrock to the nether roof is allowed).  Exploiting is defined as abusing functionalities of minecraft or server plugins, in ways that are not intended by Mojang or HyplexMC.

  • Optifine and other performance mods are allowed.

  • The use of hack clients or mods that abuse the game is forbidden.

Laggy Builds, Laggy Farms, Laggy Redstone, And Anti-AFK Machines Are Forbidden

  • Anti-AFK Machines are builds that keep a player from entering into AFK mode causing them to bypass the AFK Timeout

  • Do NOT use an excessive amount of hoppers, observers or redstone clocks.
    - Any excessive use in farms and sorting systems will be issued a warning. Failure to adjust the design will result in a removal of all hoppers/observers from the build.

  • After 2 hours of being constantly AFK you will be automatically kicked from the server to deter players from overnight AFK sessions, which reduces server lag and keeps players from gaining massive amounts of items that are not needed and can create a monopoly on the server.

  • Make any auto farm look good! We want quality builds on the server.

  • Do NOT build any of the following farms:
    - Farms which use pulsating water to spawn mobs.
    - Farms that stack more than 50-80 mobs alive at one time.
    *Mob spawner farms are allowed just be sure to not let the entity count surpass 50*
    - Shulker farms are not permitted on this server either, Wither Rose farms are allowed, DO NOT build them on the main island in The End.

Be Mindful Of Other Players And Their Builds, And Land Claims

  • Do NOT make 1x1 pillars, or 1x1 holes to bedrock. These are ugly.

Follow General Chat Etiquette

  • Do NOT use CAPS excessively

  • Do NOT spam chat with unnecessary trash

  • Messages sent in a short amount of time are not allowed, any message that is disruptive in nature can be considered spam.

  • Repeating or assorted letters, numbers or characters is considered spam (“Helloooooooo, ThIs Is aN ExAmPLe, asdfgh, Hi!!!!!”) Having a few extra letters at the end of words is okay, just don’t be annoying with it.

  • Do NOT advertise other servers/discord servers or any outside service’s.

Do Not Argue With Staff

  • Arguing with staff can result in further punishment. If you have an issue with the rules or a staff member, you can create a ticket in #player-support on Discord and we can further discuss the issue there.

  • We are open to modifying the rules if your request is reasonable, so feel free to have an open dialogue with the staff.

  • If and when an admin finds a player doing something that they consider against the rules, but that rule has not (yet) been specified in the rules. It is their right to add that rule and consequence the player accordingly. 

  • We are not obligated to announce when the rules are being changed or updated, it is your job as a player to keep yourself updated/aware.

  • Asking for the seed of the world is not allowed and will result in a ban because this indicates that you did not read the rules.


Shopping District Rules

*Violation of Shopping rules can and will result in suspension from shopping district*

All Shops Must Be Clear

  • You must be clear as to what you are selling by the theme of the build.

  • You must make it clear what the price of your products are.

Give Others Space

  • Do NOT build directly next to someone, give them at least 10 blocks of space between their build and yours.

  • This helps to keep Shopping a little more organized, and less cluttered.

  • If you build right next to someone this makes it hard to decorate around your shop and closes off the other person (give em some space bro)

All Shops Must Be Original And Themed

  • Do NOT create General stores that try to sell every item. 

  • The items you sell in your stores must fit the same theme (I.e mob drops, wood, potions, books).

  • Do not copy a design found on the internet and rebuild it on the server, your build and all products inside will be removed.

Claim Your Shop

  • We must be able to pinpoint a shop to a player in case a player needs/wants to know who owns the shop or so staff can identify the shop owner, so be sure to place a sign on the outside of your shop with your name on it.

Do Not Modify Other Shops

  • Do not place or break blocks on another players build

  • You will be suspended from both the Shopping and Gaming District if this rule is violated.

No Stealing/Taking What You Can't Pay For

  • Do not take an item(s) that you can't afford and then pay for it later on unless you have explicit permission from the shop owner.

  • We can roll back theft and can easily issue bans :).

Respect The General Aesthetics

  • Try to make it look good, don’t make a shit shop to quickly sell items.

  • Decorate the area around your build and incorporate it into the roads.

  • Do not just plop a build down, you must decorate the surrounding area of your build and incorporate it into the SD roads (SD = Shopping District).

  • All builds that are built on top of water must have a foundation below them. (no floating builds in the water)

  • You are allowed to modify SD Roads and re-create them as long as you do so that benefits other shops around you and keeps the same aesthetic of the SD or your area.

  • You are welcome/encouraged to modify the roads and clean them up if it benefits everyone, however do not edit someone's shop without permission.

  • Make sure to keep all roads connected, keep names short and clean if roads are named.

Respect Market Values

  • Do NOT price gouge (charge a lot cause you're the only seller).

  • Do NOT significantly lower prices because of competition.

Gaming District Rules


Keep Games Organized

  • Make sure your instructions are clear

  • Keep the game user friendly, as if a 9 year old was trying to play ;)

  • Try to make games that don’t require items to be restocked, this way they will always be available for people to play.

No Scamming Players

  • You are allowed to charge players to play the game or for multiple rounds of a game.

  • Make sure the game is possible to win.

The End Rules


Keep Main Island Clean

  • Do not make a mess on the main island, dont place random blocks and make the place look ugly.

  • You are allowed to remove obsidian from the towers but plz respawn and kill the dragon to re-gen the towers after. (soft rule)

  • No building on the main island for personal bases or group hideouts etc.

  • Don't bridge out off the main island to the outer islands, you may bridge out to a farm only.

  • Try not to tower to end gateways, make a staircase.

Created by: Terran | Owner