This is the TitanSMP Guide, here you can find everything you need to know about the SMP server and how things work on the server

How to Get Verified

In order to join the server you must be Verified on our Discord Server. Once you have joined our Discord all you have to do go to the #how-to-join channel in the Discord, from there you will read this paragraph "To gain access to the full Discord Server we ask that you head over and read the #discord-rules, once finished you will need to spell out "DONE", with the reactions." Once you have finished that your will receive the "Verified" Role in Discord.

Linking Your Account

Once you have Verified yourself on the Discord server you will need to link your Minecraft account to your Discord account. To do so is fairly easy and only requires a few things from you and the system will do the rest. 

First you will need to be Verified, to do this read above ^, once you are verified attempt to join the server, you’ll get a message telling you to link your account with a 4-digit code. Send this 4-digit code in a Direct/Private Message to the Discord bot named “TitanSMP”. Once you’ve sent the 4-digit code to the bot, the bot will tell you “Your Discord account has been linked to *in game name*”. If you have any issues trying to link your account please let us know in the Discord #player-support channel and we will gladly help you out.
Do not try to message a Staff Member or ping them in a chat.