HyplexMC Staff Info

Here i will teach you what it is that the staff team actually does, what their responsibilities are and some things that they can do as staff

Content Team

The CT are everyday players who joined the team in order to create content and ideas for the server.

Responsibilities: As a member of the CT you don't really have much responsibility for say, as you aren't developing and implementing the creations more of just coming up with the ideas and such.

What Can They Do:  As a CT you get access to staff chat channel in the discord to discuss ideas with other members of the team and staff to help implement them into the server.


Mods are selected players who volunteer their time to moderate HyplexMC. They create a more enjoyable community experience.

Responsibilities: As a Mod you are kind of like the “Referee”, your job is to moderate the server and discord to make sure players are following the rules, as a Moderator you have to also keep an eye on the Staff to make sure they are doing their job correctly. Moderators also must be keen on taking responsibility and action when needed.

Community Manager

The Community Manager is a selected personnel who manages events and or staff.

- Be the Face of the Community

- Create/Manage Server and Discord Events

- Moderate the Server and Discord


Admins generally work on the game's inside, such as development, game design, story, management & more!

Responsibilities: As an Admin your job is to take care of the server in all possible ways and to make sure everything on the server is working in good condition and that all the staff members are following the rules and are doing their job. As Admin you are expected to help develop the server and to try and make it a better place.

Requirements to Become Staff

If you are wanting to become a part of the HyplexMC staff team there are a few things that you need in order to be considered. 

  1. You must be of decent age for any role above Content Team (at least 15+)

  2. You must be active

  3. You must be able to record evidence (screenshots/video)

  4. You must have a working mic for voice communication

  5. You must be a part of the server for at least a month (with consideration)

  6. You must not have been banned on the server

  7. You must understand ALL the rules and how things work on the server


To apply you first need to meet all the following requirements shown above. If you check out and feel as if you are qualified then your next step is to fill out the Staff Application Form, which can be found HERE. When filling out the form take your time and fill it out properly and don’t just quickly skim your way through the form. We don't just accept anyone on our Staff Team and we definitely won't accept someone who couldn't bother to at least try on their application.

For any further questions please direct them to an Admin or create a ticket in Discord.